Beatriz, 24
  • Over You (Feat. A Great Big World)
Over You (Feat. A Great Big World) by Ingrid Michaelson
Lights Out

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  • I Need You
I Need You by M83
Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


M83 // I Need You

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  • Main Title
Main Title by Ramin Djawadi
Game of Thrones


Ramin Djawadi - Main Title


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  • Zombie
Zombie by The Cranberries
No Head to Argue

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  • Somebody That I Used to Know
Somebody That I Used to Know by Boyce Avenue
New Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 3


Boyce Avenue - Somebody That I Used To Know

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  • white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant
white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant

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  • Pompeii
Pompeii by Bastille (with string section)
Live at Capitol Studios

Pompeii - Cinematic Version

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  • Pompeii
Pompeii by Vitamin String Quartet



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  • Emma
Emma by Imagine Dragons
Hell and Silence


Imagine Dragons - Emma

"Innocence and sentiment is owned by hope it’s where you’re at…"

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  • wrecking ball (no autotune)
wrecking ball (no autotune) by miley cyrus

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